This Shoe Is the Perfect Combination of a Sneaker and Hiking Boot

The Overlook from Danner is an everyday shoe that can hit the trail at a moment's notice.

danner shoes

Talking Points:

Danner Overlook

Some days call for a shoe that's more durable than a sneaker but more practical than a hiking boot. Danner's Overlook is the perfect solution for those days, with the comfort you love of a street shoe plus the stability you get from a boot. The tech-driven midsole is sturdier than your average sneakers so you don't have to stop where the pavement ends. It's highly functional, supremely comfortable and really good looking — you'll find yourself reaching for these on most days.

danner shoes

Highly Stable

The dual-density midsole is firmer around the edges for stability and softer in the middle for traction where you need it most.

Ultra Comfort

Thanks to the Overlook's breathable EnduroKnit upper, you will stay cool and dry running around the city in the summer heat. Plus, the water-repellent finish will handle any wet terrain you encounter when you escape the city and hit the trail.

Reliable Grip

Triangle lugs on the outsole provide maximum surface contact for a solid grip on a variety of surfaces. You'll have no problem finding your feet on rock, grass, dirt, concrete and whatever else your day might throw at you.

Price: $170+


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