Refresh Your Watch for Summer with This Sailcloth Strap

Artem Straps has created one of the finest sailcloth straps on the market that's comfortable, breathable and stylish right out of the box.

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Artem Straps Sailcloth Watch Strap

If you're looking for a high-quality, durable and stylish watch strap that can keep up with everything you have planned this summer, then be sure to check out Artem Straps. Founded in Adelaide, Australia, Artem Straps was created after searching for the ultimate aftermarket watch strap and discovering that sailcloth straps offered by most retailers are more of an afterthought. The result is a brand with a high level of attention to detail manifested through not only its products but also its uncompromising customer service. Plus, Artem delivers adventure-ready watch straps at a price that's easy to stomach. What's not to love?


artem watch straps
Artem Straps

Meticulously Made

Spending over a year perfecting the shape, feel and aesthetic of the straps resulted in a sailcloth strap that's unlike anything else on the market. There is almost no "break-in" period required with these watch straps, and you won't find the stiff and clunky material common in other sailcloth straps.

Match Your Style

Available in five colorways (white, grey, black, red and blue), and four convenient sizes (20mm, 21mm, 22mm and 23mm), there is an Artem Strap for your favorite blue suit and your favorite red ski jacket. But don't fret if you need a 19mm strap, there's one of those soon to be added, too.

Next Level Customer Service

Artem prioritizes its customers and goes above and beyond to handle their requests promptly, so your experience is bound to be a pleasant one. Plus, Artem takes customer feedback to heart and recently added extra-short and extra-long versions of its strap to cater to smaller and larger wrists.

Price: $85+


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