The Borderline Absurdity of a $3K Fanny Pack

With enough room for your phone, your black card and Rolls key (and nothing else).

edouard caupeil

There are some purchases we make that are timeless and are great value propositions. Case in point: A well-made oxford shirt that will get wear for 15-20 years, if you’re cool with patching it up and a few collar and cuff fades. Others, however, are downright ridiculous from the get-go. Case in point: the $2,900 Hermès fanny pack.

To distance itself from the fanny pack’s lowbrow stature, Hermès calls its bag the Cityslide. It can be worn around the waist, but can also function as a mini-backpack, thrown causally over the shoulder. And its simple styling looks damn good — for a fanny pack. Then again, any fanny pack retailing for nearly $3K better look damn good. Realistically, its smallness makes it an impractical choice most; between a laptop, phone and countless other bits of everyday carry, you’d be better off with a tote, a briefcase or perhaps Hermès’ Cityback. But if you’re a minimalist jet-setter who only needs to carry your black card and a key to the Rolls, the Cityslide will be your new best friend.

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