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Want a Suit for $250? Here’s Your Chance

Suitsupply’s Online Outlet sale makes quality suiting available on the cheap.


Most $250 suits are best avoided at all costs. Suits at this price frequently have fit issues and are made with fused lining (as opposed to canvassed or half-canvassed), which is glued on to the fabric and can bubble up and destroy a suit after dry cleaning. Suitsupply’s online outlet, however, offers half-canvassed $250 suits on sale that aren’t a gimmick. From classic navy and gray numbers to an elegant Midnight Blue Tuxedo, this is your one-stop solution if you’re looking to quickly build your suiting wardrobe. In addition to $250 suits, the sale features a series of Italian-made shoes, cutaway collar shirts and a superb selection of trousers that have the classic high-waisted look men’s tailoring has returned to recently. All sales are final, and some sizes in certain products aren’t available, since these products are from last season. If you’re willing to dig a little, you’ll have a quality tailored wardrobe on the cheap for years to come.

While the sale doesn’t officially start until later this afternoon, the code “FINALSALE” will grant you early access.

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