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It's no secret that shopping for sneakers can be a stressful experience — we've even discussed it in-depth in the past. And today, more people are buying sneakers than ever before — so in some ways, shopping for them has never been harder.

While the sneaker resale market has provided a large opportunity for people to get their hands on silhouettes they wouldn’t have been able to before, it does not come without its flaws. Resell prices on coveted sneakers can be between two and five times the retail price. It also requires a lot of trust to buy an expensive pair of kicks from a stranger online and hope you can take their word for it when it comes to authenticity and condition. And when purchasing sneakers through retailers, you're often up against sneaker bots which leave real shoppers frustrated when they don't get an opportunity to secure their buy.

If you identify with any of the above challenges when buying kicks, then check out SoleSavy. SoleSavy is a membership for people who love sneakers, unlocking a world of community, technology and experiences. Its mission is to make it easier to enjoy the process of buying sneakers. With a trusted community that allows you to build relationships, buy and trade within the group and have access to new tools and resources in the shoe game, you'll be able to take your collection to new heights.

solesavy sneakers

Whether you are looking to stay on top of releases or looking for a community to source a rare pair of sneakers you have been dreaming of getting your hands on, SoleSavy can be a resource for you.

What sets SoleSavy apart from its competition is that it's building with and for its community, a group of the most passionate sneakerheads on the internet. By paying for a SoleSavy membership, you're unlocking tips, tricks and expert advice while increasing your chances of picking up sneakers at retail and avoiding having to pay resell prices.

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to sneakers or a seasoned pro — if you love sneakers, SoleSavy is the place for you. If you're looking to level-up your sneaker game while bringing ease and trust to the process check out SoleSavy below.

Price: $33/month or $330/year


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