There is no doubt that the gear you bring with you traveling can make or break a trip — regardless of your destination and method of transport be it domestic or international, by plane, train or automobile. When it comes to being away from home, you need not skip out on the things that provide ease and comfort. In fact, they become doubly important when you're on the road. Whether it's a camping trip upstate or a flight to one of your bucket list destinations, the list of gear below is what you need to make your trip go as smoothly as possible.

Blundstone Active Chelsea Boot #2147

blundstone shoes
Gear Patrol Studios
blundstone shoes
Chase Pellerin
blundstone shoes
Gear Patrol Studios

Comfort is king when traveling, and these boots deliver just that. The #2417 boots are lightweight, breathable and have the comfort to keep you going no matter what you may run into on your travel day. The #2147 combines a navy suede upper, orange elastic and contrast stitching for style so you don't have to sacrifice looking good while en route to your destination. Plus, with a premium water-resistant suede upper and a rubber outsole with XRD®️ Technology heel insert, these boots are ready for your adventures once you land in your location. Top it off with a rubber outsole with plenty of grip that's also durable, and you can handle any slippery sidewalk or trail you may encounter. You can only get these boots at, so click through below to pick up a pair for yourself.

Price: $210


To Round Out The Kit

blundstone travel gear
Gear Patrol Studios

Sage Green General Purpose Mechanical (GPM) - 34mm by Marathon $385

Apollo Sunglasses by Akila $130

Travel Kit by Aer $45

MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 by Sennheiser $220

LARQ Bottle PureVis by LARQ $95

20W Power Adapter by NOMAD $19

USB-C Cable by NOMAD $35

Panga 50 Duffle Bag by YETI $299

Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash by Aesop $10