A Great Oxford Shirt for Under $100, Direct from Japan

Kamakura’s oxford shirts merge modern fits with traditional details.


Originally worn by polo players in the 19th Century, the oxford shirt is best known for its association with jazz musicians and East Coast preppies, who favored its crisp, clean look, straddling casual and formal. The garment has been a reliable, relatively affordable staple for decades, though nowadays many of the best oxfords available exceed the $150 mark. Sometimes, you just want a subtle yet stylish shirt that gets the job done without breaking the bank.

Founded in 1993, Kamakura has done oxfords right for over two decades. Japanese clothing brands are known for their exacting take on classic American clothing; Kamakura’s handmade oxford leaves no detail spared. If you nerd out over traditional flourishes like beefy collar rolls, shell buttons, locker loops and back-collar buttons, you’ll like Kamakura’s shirts. Granted, they’re slimmer than old-school oxfords (they come in four fits, from a tapered classic to super-slim), but that’s not a bad thing, seeing as yesteryear’s oxfords could often fit two men in one shirt.

The best thing about Kamakura’s oxford is that it retails for less than $100. That’s mind-boggling considering the production and details, and it makes you wonder if something happened with the exchange rate. Regardless, it’s one hell of an oxford: workhorse price and workhorse style that makes it suitable for everyday wear on and off duty.

Buy Now: $99

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