AETHER's Rex Jacket Sweats the Details

We spent a week with AETHER's Rex jacket to see how it stands up to the northern Vermont weather.

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        The humble insulated puffy jacket has been a staple in outdoor clothing since it was first invented in the 1940s. Today, it has come a long way from its much more utilitarian beginnings. It can be seen gracing the runways at fashion weeks across the globe, on album covers and of course, on the backs of adventurers summiting the world's tallest peaks.

        To stand out from a crowd of jackets that have become ubiquitous not just in the outdoors, but in pop culture as well, takes a lot. Such is the goal of the AETHER Rex insulated jacket. To find out if it achieves that goal, we put it through its paces in the unpredictable late fall weather of northern Vermont.

        From the Brand

        "The Rex Jacket is a piece you won’t find anywhere else. Made from a water- and wind-resistant nylon, it features custom bonded baffling, giving it a truly unique aesthetic. The Rex is both comfortable to wear and built for winter’s coldest days. And because small details matter to us, there is Trapunto stitching detail at the center-front zipper wind guard, as well as pocket bags lined with a super soft brushed tricot that you’ll notice the moment you put your hands in the pockets."

        Gear Patrol Studios
        Gear Patrol Studios

        What We Like

        AETHER is known for taking great care in the details of its garments and the Rex is no exception. In fact, the first detail our tester noticed in the jacket is a rather unique cover pocket for the washing instructions and materials specifications attached to the lining of the jacket. The pocket is the same color as the rest of the lining, which allows it to blend in nicely. Some would argue that it's an insignificant blip on what the jacket is actually about. But our tester would argue that it's the perfect flourish to highlight, and one that exemplifies what AETHER is all about as a brand.

        The details continued to unfurl when our tester took the jacket on its maiden voyage for a coffee run and walk along the just-above-freezing shores of Lake Champlain. This, of course, required a tug on the AETHER-logo Natulon® zipper to snug up the collar lined with premium Italian brushed cotton. In practice, these details instantly wrap you in their warmth and comfort, and buck the trend of a simple nylon lining on most other insulated jackets.

        man wearing aether jacket sitting on bench
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        Speaking of insulation, our tester found the Rex to be no slouch in that department either — both in terms of syle and performance. The 800-fill-power goose down is plenty warm, and looks unlike anything else thanks to its custom bonded baffle layout. Even with frigid winds whipping through the valleys of the Green Mountains, no chill was felt. Need we say more?

        Maybe not — maybe that's enough to convince you right there. But that, is only part of the Rex's story. How does it stand up to inclement weather? The kind that makes you want to curl up indoors with a good book and a stiff pour of Scotch? For our tester and for most other dog owners, there are times where avoiding the weather outside simply isn't possible. Nature calls, even when an impending hail, rain and snowstorm is on the horizon.

        This is, perhaps, where the Rex shines best. Our tester threw on the jacket with haste before heading out the door to walk the dog — not bothering to put on some sort of shell that promises full waterproofing capabilities. What followed was categorically northern Vermont fall — a mix of every winter weather precipitation known to man. As the cavalcade came down, it was no match for the Rex's water- and wind-resistant nylon shell. Water in all its forms beaded up and rolled right off its sleeves and shoulders, much to the enjoyment of our tester.

        man walking holding coffee cup wearing aether jacket
        Gear Patrol Studios
        man wearing aether jacket
        Gear Patrol Studios

        Who It’s For

        Simply put, the Rex is for style-conscious users who refuse to compromise. We wouldn't be surprised if there were even more considered and thoughtful details baked into this jacket than our tester was able to catch. That's AETHER's M.O.

        It's also for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd. The unique baffle structure immediately sets it apart from its competition. One glance at the jacket conveys that it's not like the others.


        While the Rex Jacket is expensive, what you get for your hard-earned coin is an exclusive jacket packed with tech; that sweats the details; that you won't see each of your friends wearing. But more than that, you get a jacket that you can grab as you head out the door and not think twice about it — you get convenience. It's stylish enough to top your slacks on the way to a business meeting, casual enough for meeting up with friends at a brewery and performance-oriented enough that it will keep you comfortable no matter what the weather holds — just as it did for our tester.

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        Price: $650

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