Surf, Skate and Wave in the New Eco-Friendly UltraRange VR3 From Vans

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These days, Vans offers a lot more than its tried and trusted slip-ons. Today we’re taking a look at the all new UltraRange VR3, a comfortable lace-up sneaker that can easily become your go-to, everyday shoe.

What makes these new sneakers so notable is that while they double-up on the brand’s classic surf and skate-friendly aesthetic, they also mark another win for the team’s sustainability initiatives. Designed in partnership with surfboard shaper Pepe Rivas, the UltraRange VR3 makes use of leftover foam scraps and other materials often left behind during surfboard shaping and construction. Equipped with new eco-friendly, comfort-driven technology, they’re sure to bring as much peace of mind to the planet as they will the soles of your feet.

vans ultrarange™ vr3 sneakers

The Backstory

Vans Champions Ambitious Sustainability Initiatives and Goals

At this point, the Vans brand has become synonymous with skate and surf culture. Most people have heard of – and coveted – its perpetually trending shoes, but new fans are celebrating the brand for another reason: its eco-friendly goals. In recent years, the company has set ambitious sustainability goals in an effort to reduce its overall footprint. Today, Vans is committed to lowering its carbon future by reducing greenhouse emissions, eliminating single-use plastics from its packaging and reimagining the lifecycle of its products by 2030.

By 2030, the company anticipates that 100 percent of its top four CO2 impact materials will be regenerative, responsibly sourced, renewable or recycled. This goal is championed by its “VR3” commitment. Any shoes or accessories that host the VR3 Checkerboard Logo – including the new UltraRange VR3 – must be made up of at least 30 percent regenerative, responsibly sourced, renewable or recycled materials. In addition to this new model, fans can also shop the Lizzie and Circle Vee, to secure a greener product designed with these initiatives in mind.

The Gist

Everything You Need to Know About the Re-Engineered UltraRange VR3

To design this new shoe, Vans tapped popular surfboard shaper Pepe Rivas. Rivas walked the team through the surfboard shaping process to teach the brand what materials – like leftover foam scraps – could be reclaimed from the initial surfboard shaping process. Together, Pepe and Vans were able to rethink the materials, process and overall impact to reimagine the lifecycle of this product.

As a result, the re-engineered and rebuilt UltraRange VR3 harnesses an EcoCush midsole made of at least 50 percent biobased EVA foam. This foam is partially derived from plant-based sources and complements the brand’s all-new EcoWaffle rubber compound. Unlike traditional, petroleum-derived synthetic rubber, EcoWaffle is made with responsibly sourced natural rubber obtained from sources that follow proven sustainable practices intended to reduce overall impact on the planet. It’s also engineered to maintain the trusted grip and durability that fans have always looked to Vans to provide.

Meanwhile, the one-piece knit upper is made from a blend of 50 percent organic cotton, 36 percent recycled PET and 14 percent recycled nylon. Unlike Van’s traditional, cut and sew upper, this new upper is designed to reduce production waste. It also leverages leather sourced from a tannery rated gold or silver for environmental responsibility by the Leather Working Group.


Everything You Love about Vans in a More Eco-Friendly Design

While the new UltraRange VR3 certainly champions Vans’ sustainability initiatives, it does nothing to sacrifice the beloved grip, comfort and look of a classic pair of Vans. The shoes remain immediately recognizable, featuring a smooth cream stripe down the side, but allow users to still invest in a product that’s better for the planet.

The new model perfectly marries Vans’ aesthetic with its future-facing goals, and comes in two distinct colors. Closing the loop on surfboard scraps and making better use of better materials, these shoes are more than just a step in the right direction. Fans can secure the shoes for themselves, or check out the full line of VR3 certified shoes, at the link below.

Price: $120


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