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Staff Picks: What Our Style Team Likes Right Now

Fashion is confusing.


Every single day, our style team filters through millions upon millions of style articles, clothing pieces, collection launches, brand parties, blogger fads, runway shows, fashion shoots, lookbooks and many, many more stimuli to stay on top of what’s hot in men’s fashion. In spite of all that noise, we’ll keep things simple here: just four things we’re into right now, updated each week.

Aspesi Cotton-Moleskin Trousers


As wonderful as cords and chinos are for fall, you’ve gotta switch the style up every once in a while. Enter Moleskin, a thick and rugged cotton that withstands harsh elements with ease. Aspesi’s Cotton-Moleskin trousers come in a beautiful dark brown that’s a dead ringer for denim shirting, flannels and Barbour jackets. Cuff them, scuff them and wear them hard — moleskin can handle it.

Buy Now: $200

Drake’s Raglan Sleeve Checked Overcoat


If you only buy one coat this fall, make it this one from Drake’s. Granted, it’d have to be the one coat, since you’ll have no money left over after plunking down nearly $1,500 on this beautiful checked, raglan-sleeved number. But while the initial outlay is high, think of it as an investment that will hold up over 20 years or more; this is Drake’s, after all.

Buy Now: $1,425

Engineered Garments Coated-Cotton Tote Bag


It’s not often that Engineered Garments sells something under $60. If you’re jonesing for a piece of the brand, yet you don’t want to (or can’t) commit to the pricing it so often commands, this tote is the answer. It delivers on both the durability and attractiveness the brand is known for, and it’s functional to boot.

Buy Now: $60

Vuarnet Edge Pilot


Vuarnet’s forte is combining retro designs with futuristic flourishes. Take the new Edge Pilot sunglasses’ lightweight modern metal frame and trim acetate rims; its slimmed-down side pieces are an update on a classic 1960s feature, making for an easily distinguishable pair.

Buy Now: $360

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