Upgrade Your Summer Look With These Frames

The Viale sunglasses from Ombraz combine style with performance.

man with arms behind head wearing ombraz sunglasses
Glenn Webb

Since 2018, Ombraz has shaken up the eyewear industry with their problem-solving armless designs. A pair of these beauts can deliver a major upgrade to your summer adventure kit. If you’re looking for a stylish frame that won’t break at the arms, fall off in the water, or squeeze your noggin’ when you’re in the sun all day, look no further than the Viale - the latest addition to Ombraz' armless collection. The Viale’s contemporary shape, classic keyhole bridge and circular lenses compliment all genders and face shapes. A Japanese-engineered, 100% recycled, marine-grade cord provides unshakable security in any terrain. World-class polarized Zeiss lenses coupled with built-in mini visors offer crystal-clear views on the brightest of days. If you have prescription needs, Ombraz are also available in RX. Ombraz offers free shipping, free returns/exchanges and each pair is warrantied for life.

Price: $150


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