adidas Analyzed 1.2 Million Foot Scans to Create the Ultraboost 22

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The Ultraboost 22 is adidas’ newest take on its classic Ultraboost silhouette. The original running shoe was initially designed for both short and long-distance training and has now been optimized for a 360-degree female fit improvement.

The team analyzed over one million foot scans to reimagine this shoe. Now, it features a mix of recycled and vegan materials as well as several new improvements that will help keep fans more competitive. Plus, with over seventy models to choose from, adidas has embedded Ultraboost 22 technology across a whole suite of trendsetting colorways, silhouettes and shoes.

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The Backstory

adidas: ‘Everything We Do is Rooted in Sport’

While you’re probably quite familiar with adidas, there’s more to the company than meets the eye. The popular sports brand believes in bringing fans together over common goals and shared experiences, calling itself a team of “rebellious optimists driven by action.”

To craft the very first Ultraboost shoe, adidas harnessed a proprietary technology called “Infinergy.” Designed to optimize energy return for runners, the material became the world’s first expanded thermoplastic polyurethane. More durable and lighter weight than rubber, the new “Infinergy” material made headlines after Dennis Kimetto broke the world record marathon time while wearing shoes equipped with this new technology.

The Gist

What Makes the Ultraboost 22 Better Than Previous Models?

With each iteration, adidas has continued to improve the Ultraboost to provide runners with more and more power on the road. Today, the new Ultraboost 22 still harnesses its original Infinergy material but also offers runners four percent more forefront energy return (for women) than the last Ultraboost 21 model. It’s also available in 79 different versions and has made its way into collabs with brands like Stella McCartney, HEAT.RDY and Ivy Park.

The new shoe includes a Continental Rubber outsole and an upper made with yarn containing 50 percent Parley ocean plastic. It’s ultimately an evolution of the original, legendary torsion system and fitted to the outsole for a more responsive stride.

Fans can shop different models with varying degrees of cage support and additional features like a Linear Energy Push system or PRIMEKNIT. adidas is also constantly adding new colorways to keep fans excited – and on their toes.


The Ultraboost 22 is a Great Running Shoe for Men and Women

What sets the Ultraboost 22 apart from previous models is years of research and experimentation. Consequently, the new running shoe design has benefitted from everything the adidas team has learned over the years. The resulting model is more powerful than ever before and sure to provide fans with comfort, energy and an extra boost on the road.

So if you’re looking to go farther faster, look no further than the Ultraboost 22. Available now in a wide range of colors, designs and sizes, these shoes are sure to help you kick your training up a notch.

Price: $90 - $250


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