KÜHL’s Temperature-Regulating AKTIVATOR Jackets Totally Reimagine Winter Outerwear

What makes KÜHL’s new AKTIVATOR Collection worth talking about –– by Gear Patrol Studios.

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KÜHL’s new AKTIVATOR® series was designed to help your body maintain an optimal temperature in all conditions by storing or exhausting heat depending on what you need at any given moment.

Three weights of synthetic insulation and thermic body mapping help each garment deliver warmth where you need it most. Breathable underarm panels are equipped to release heat while you move, thanks to the fabric’s built-in stretch.

Below, we’ll dive into everything that makes the AKTIVATOR jackets and hoodies great for outdoor adventures and take a look at the science behind KÜHL’s new lineup.

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The Backstory

KÜHL: A Brand Born to Break Rules

KÜHL roots its brand in a "rebellious philosophy" designed "to question everything, to break the rules and challenge the status quo." Its team prides itself on defying mediocrity, striving instead to create the highest quality outdoor products possible.

In line with those principles, KÜHL products emanate what it calls "the freedom of movement" and are designed to empower wearers. Independently owned (and decidedly "Mountain Grown"), KÜHL sources only the finest materials from environmentally conscious and ethically minded partners. Its production facilities are held to the highest standards and the brand has vowed never to over-produce.

With an outsized – and growing – focus on technical fabrics and designs, KÜHL has made a name for itself as a reliable purveyor of time-tested outdoor goods.

The Gist

How Do KÜHL’s AKTIVATOR Jackets Work?

KÜHL’s AKTIVATOR series comprises two core pieces: a jacket and a hoody. Both styles are available for men and women and equipped with the same technology.

The brand’s new AKTIVATOR Jacket is a warm, lightweight piece that offers a comfortable balance of soft and stretchy fabrics. It’s windproof and water-resistant and features three different weights of high-performance synthetic insulation to ensure optimal temperature regulation. Overall, the jacket is built to provide cozy, lasting warmth, breathable comfort and a "new standard in adaptive performance." Similarly, KÜHL’s new AKTIVATOR Hoody boasts all of these features, plus a comfortable hood to protect your most valuable asset from the elements. Both pieces boast a MIKRO AIR Stretch shell and lining as well as AERO Knit underarm panels for added breathability.

In blending these comfort-forward features with competitive technical fabrics, KÜHL has produced two versatile, cold-weather performance pieces. Each style is available in a wide range of sizes and four different colorways.


KÜHL’s AKTIVATOR Jacket and Hoody Are Lightweight, Breathable Winter Go-Tos

While a great winter jacket's raison d'etre should always focus on warmth, it’s important not to overlook breathability in new outerwear. Any cold-weather clothing that merely traps warmth is not equipped for all-day wear and will become a nuisance as your body temp naturally rises during periods of greater activity. In creating the AKTIVATOR series, KÜHL's attention to breathability sets the new apparel apart from the competition.

Created with every obstacle in mind, KÜHL's latest drops are sure to outperform your old seasonal essentials. Bring the AKTIVATOR Jacket and Hoody home today to see for yourself.

Price: $219 - $239


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