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Spend $5 to Start a Kit that Saves Your Hair Before It’s Gone

New men’s wellness company Hims wants your hair to stay on your head where it belongs.



No one wants the flu, so we all (hopefully) get flu shots. Similarly, no one wants to lose their precious, precious hair — yet, in this case, we do nothing until the process has already begun, and the bastard that is hair loss has its talons in you.

Hims, a new men’s wellness company, wants to change that — and they want you to talk about it. Openly. As in not just in hushed tones with your wife or girlfriend.

The idea behind Hims is simple: every month you get what amounts to a toolbelt of hair loss prevention, you use said toolbelt as suggested and your hair remains in its wonderful, voluminous, natural state. The monthly kit is made up of four distinct pieces: a supply of pills that prevent testosterone from breaking down into a dangerous-to-hair hormone called DHT, Minoxidil drops meant to encourage older hair to fall out to be replaced by healthier hair, shampoo that prevents the spread of the aforementioned DHT on your scalp and a multivitamin supplement which includes Bioton and other ingredients known to bolster hair, nails and overall skin health.

The best part? Gear Patrol readers get their first month of hair-saving stock for just $5 by just visiting through our link.

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