These $70 Pants Fit the Part from the Office to the Backcountry

How do you make chinos less boring, you ask? You make them flexible, tough as shit and office-ready all at the same.


It’s a rare feat to make chinos exciting, but Toad&Co’s Mission Ridge Collection of work-to-woods pants and shorts may have just done it.

The line features a unique mix of organic cotton, polyester and spandex that makes for a comfortable, flexible and hardwearing pant. It comes in regular or slim fit, a slew of different colors and even an insect-repellent variety whose coating was originally developed for U.S. Military use. If you’re tired of having two wardrobes — one for the office and one for the outdoors — Toad&Co’s Mission Ridge Collection has just erased pants from your problem area for all of $69.

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