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7 Awesome Money Clips to Minimize Your EDC

Ranging from the affordable to the luxury.


Money clips are an integral part of EDC culture. For guys who prefer minimalist wallets, they offer a discreet way to carry bills without trying to cram them into a tight cardholder; they’re also ideal for people who wear suits as bulky wallets can be noticeable in a pair of tailored trousers. Unlike certain pieces of EDC, however, the barrier to entry for money clips is relatively low, meaning you don’t need to cash out to cash in.

HONB Stainless Steel Money Clip

This money clip is made out of durable stainless steel that has a brushed finish. It’s dead-simple, good looking and very affordable.

Buy Now: $8

CL Carbonlife Money CLip

Made from carbon fiber, this money clip is durable and incredibly light. It’s available in three different sizes and comes in either a matte finish (scratch-resistant) or a high-profile finish (smooth and translucent).

Buy Now: $10 +

Boarding Pass Brass Money Clip

This brass money clip is made in the USA and has a brushed finish that is polished to a bright luster. To more securely hold your bills, the design incorporates an interior clip.

Buy Now: $15

Rinouma Brass Money Clip

Made in Tokyo, this money clip is press molded and finished by a small company that’s been in business since 1953. The simple design has a natural finish.

Buy Now: $30

M&U Co. Money Clip

M&U Co. bends this unique money clip by hand. Made in the America from solid brass, it has a unique open-back design that reduces weight and a either a black or natural tumbled finish.

Buy Now: $38

Minimalux Sterling Silver Money Clip

This simple sterling silver money clip is as thin as a tie bar. Minimalux — a nine-year-old brand based in England — adds a ripple design to the clip, along with a laser-engraved hallmark.

Buy Now: $95

Good Art Cream Dream Money Clip

Made in LA, this money clip is crafted from 925 sterling silver and features a money lock hinge to secure your bills. The design includes unique filigree detailing, all done by hand.

Learn More: Here

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