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History Buffs Are Going to Love this Stylish New Collaboration

Rowing Blazers and British interior wunderkind Luke Edward Hall teamed up for a collaboration that celebrates the classical world.


It kinda stands to reason that a fashion designer with an advanced degree in archaeology would be interested in both ancient history and historically accurate clothing. But Jack Carlson, founder of the young brand Rowing Blazers, hadn’t really fused the two together until he launched his collaboration with British interior designer Luke Edward Hall this week.

Their partnership applies embroidered Greek urns and other results of archeological digs (the mask of Tutankhamen shows up more than once) to the brand’s painstakingly well-made preppy staples, like rugby shirts and oxford cloth button downs. It was born out of their mutual respect for ancient artifacts — and a shared love of bright, bold colors.

“I bought Jack’s book when it was released a few years ago — I was kind of captivated by the photographs of the rowing teams and their brilliant blazers,” Hall told Gear Patrol in an email. “When Jack launched Rowing Blazers as a brand, I became a real fan! We eventually spoke online and met at my studio in London in 2017. The idea of collaborating came about quite naturally and I began working on ideas for motifs. We decided to go with a Greco-Roman vibe (with a hint of Egyptomania) because we’re both very much interested in the classical world. Jack used to be an archaeologist and I often use classical imagery in my work. I’ve loved the Greek and Roman myths since childhood, I find them fascinating.”

In the collaboration, you’ll find everything from a corduroy dad cap with an embroidered bust on it, to a sweatshirt bearing time-worn ionic columns. The pieces range from $25 for a standalone patch to $185 for a heavy cotton rugby shirt whose construction mimics the original jerseys worn when the game was invented.

“My favorite pieces are the striped rugbies,” Hall wrote. “I chose the colorways with Jack and I love the bold, bright results we’ve ended up with. The yellow and white stripe with the embroidered pink classical head is I think my top pick! I love the patches too. I’ve already added them to my favorite denim jacket.”

We’ve added a few of our own favorites below, but you can take a look at the entire collection here.

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Luke Edward Hall Sweatshirt with Ionic Columns by Rowing Blazers$125

Luke Edward Hall Oxford with Greek Vase by Rowing Blazers $125

Luke Edward Hall Corduroy Dad Hat with Greek Vase by Rowing Blazers $48

Luke Edward Hall Sweatshirt with Bust by Rowing Blazers $125

Luke Edward Hall Rugby Shirt with Discus Thrower by Rowing Blazers $125

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