Why this $1,650 Japanese Leather Jacket Is Worth Every Penny

Made from vegetable-tanned, aniline-finished horsehide from Himeji, Japan.


Tokyo-based Fine Creek Leathers makes some of the best horsehide jackets available. Inspired by vintage American designs, the brand crafts jackets from vegetable-tanned, aniline-finished horsehide from Himeji, Japan. The hides are tanned by Yoshikatsu Yamazaki with a custom recipe, producing a product that ages beautifully. The top-tier product also comes with a top-tier price tag, but, in this case, you certainly get what you pay for.

The Virginia Beach Horsehide Type II Jacket distills the brand’s mission into a single garment. Based on the design of a classic Levi’s denim jacket, the style has pleated front panels and two chest pockets. According to Self Edge, Fine Creek Leathers uses a “different type of stitch thread and thread count to achieve puckering in certain areas for added character.” Lined with pigment-dyed cotton, the jacket features vintage-style steel buttons and the classic boxy fit the Type II is known for, with an added bit of length in the body.

The jacket retails for $1,650 and is available in sizes 38 to 46. Because of the quality horsehide used, Self Edge recommends a bone-simple care routine — just wear it for the first few years. The natural oils in the horsehide will keep the jacket looking good for a number of seasons, but after that, just rub in some Mustang Paste leather conditioner to keep it in good shape.

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