The Brand Devoted to Making You a Better-Fitting Custom T-Shirt

Danish brand Son of a Tailor was founded in 2014 to change the t-shirt manufacturing paradigm with custom t-shirts for a better fit.


T-shirts are the most mass-produced and probably most versatile item of clothing out there. A high-quality, well-fitted tee is a wardrobe essential. But fit is just not universal. This was the mindset that spurred the birth of Danish company Son of a Tailor in 2014.

“We founded Son of a Tailor because we felt the garment that we wore the most was also the one that was most neglected,” says co-founder Andreas Langhorn.

Son of a Tailor started by overhauling every facet of t-shirt manufacturing to offer custom-fitting shirts for every individual. Eventually, other items followed (a long sleeve t-shirt, a wool t-shirt, a polo and more) but Son of a Tailor hangs its hat on having perfected the t-shirt for any and every man by focusing on fit, quality and sustainability.

“When a customer orders a t-shirt from us we make it especially for him,” Langhorn says. “From a sustainability point of view, this is huge and we truly believe this is the way all clothing should and will be made in the future.”


From the fabric to the construction and the sewing, the Son of a Tailor custom t-shirt is distinctly made for the individual and every detail is customizable — this includes fabric, color, neck style, pockets, sleeves and even monogramming. All of the cotton is high-grade, 100 percent extra-long staple sourced from California — a crucial detail as it’s exceptionally soft, pills less and can keep its shape and color after washes.

The t-shirt patterns are made using the brand’s Ideal Size algorithm along with the customer’s weight, height, age and shoe size to create the perfect fit for that customer’s unique body profile. The patterns are then precisely cut with a laser to optimize the position of every piece and to minimize waste. Unlike most mass-produced t-shirts, each component of a Son of a Tailor shirt is assembled by one person. In total, the process from ordering online to having a finished t-shirt can take two weeks and starts at $48.

While Son of a Tailor has made over 150,000 shirts to date, no two are alike. To offer an alternative and more straightforward ordering process to the custom route, the brand has utilized the data points that it has compiled over the years through its Ideal Size algorithm to launch Son of a Tailor NOW. This takes Son of a Tailor’s medium weight, Supima cotton t-shirt with a classic crew neck and puts it in seven optimized sizes and three lengths to cater to the vast majority of body types and preferences for a seamless, more traditional online buying experience. The NOW program speeds up the customer ordering process to free two-day shipping while still adhering to Son of a Tailor’s guiding sentiment of sustainability and combating mass production.

“We make our NOW t-shirts in very small batches at our facilities in a way that no t-shirts will go unsold,” Langhorn says.

The small batch approach with its ready-to-order NOW t-shirts ensures Son of a Tailor is giving guys a better fit immediately while also cutting down on mass production. Everyone should have a t-shirt (or two) that fits them well. And whether you go entirely custom or with its NOW program, Son of a Tailor is ready to make you the t-shirt you’ve been looking for.

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