The Luxury Luggage from Montblanc Makes Travel a Breeze

Montblanc’s #MY4810 Carry-On is designed to help you get on with your travels as comfortably and stylishly as possible.


Wherever you are headed, if you don’t have the right bag for the journey, you’ll walk away with regrets. The freedom to explore that you get from having the right tools for the journey opens up all-new perspectives. Because whatever the destination or the journey to get there, your travels should always be about exploring — not being distracted by cumbersome packing choices. A vacation can recharge you and a business trip can bring about new opportunities you never thought of. But before you get there, you need to buckle down and pack, and the less time you have to think about the nuts and bolts of packing, the more time you have for turning every possible moment into a real pleasure. That’s the ethos behind Montblanc’s #MY4810 Carry-On Luggage, designed to help you get on with your travels as comfortably and stylishly as possible.




Key Specs

Measurements: 35 x 55 x 21 cm
Capacity: 34 L
Material: High-performance polycarbonate with soft leather detailing
Weight: 8.6 lb

This isn’t surprising for Montblanc who has a storied history of creating top of the line travel essentials since 1906. “At Montblanc, we inherently believe in the lifelong benefits of travel. Our brand would not exist without this understanding coupled with the spirit of exploration by our founders,” says Nicolas Baretzki, Montblanc CEO. “This year we have created a travel line that perfectly fits the day to day life of our customers: luxury, business and lifestyle. They are always on the move, looking at the world around them for inspiration and finding new ideas.”

travel bag


From overnight work trips to odysseys to far-flung locales, the #MY4810 luggage is the silent companion you can rely on. Made only with the best Italian craftsmanship, these are the features of the luggage that make it stand out.

Buy Now: $645

Polycarbonate Construction

Finding a lightweight but durable bag for your travels is key. Slimming down on the unloaded weight of your luggage will help you when it comes to packing it and hoisting it into the overhead compartments. The Montblanc #MY4810 is made from a lightweight polycarbonate that makes the luggage featherlight, yet able to stand up to the most boisterous travel. The lightweight but hardwearing nature of the #MY4810 means you can always turn to it without worrying if it is up to the task.

Luxury Detailing

While it may be lightweight and able to sustain some heavy travel, the luggage is still full of luxury details that you’d expect from Montblanc. The soft leather trim makes sure the luggage stands out in a sophisticated way. The extendable handle is also leather-wrapped for prime comfort when toeing your luggage. It is also outfitted with a leather luggage tag and personalization tag in three colors — black, blue, red — so you never lose track of your bag. Then, of course, there is the iconic Montblanc emblem, manually centered, one by one, by their artisans.

Internal Organization

The #MY4810 luggage was designed for any modern traveler, so when you crack open the 34-liter case you will find a well-thought-out internal organization. The two roomy main compartments make it easy to pack your clothing, while smaller zippered compartments make it easy for you to fit all your extra essentials — key, especially when flying with one piece of luggage, which is easily manageable with the #MY4810 luggage.

Advanced Handle and Wheels

Another way this particular luggage makes travel easy is through its adjustable handle and prime wheels. The multi-length bar extensions mean you can find the perfect height for you while it collapses with ease when you need it to. The 4 quiet-running ball-bearing wheels will run easily and quietly throughout your travels. These two upgrades to the luggage make it an even better travel companion and well worth toting around.

Buy Now: $645





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