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7 Things A$AP Ferg Is on the Hunt for Right Now

A Mario Bellini couch, a designer bag, a classic book and more.


Editor’s Note: Welcome to In My Cart, a regular series in which we ask some of the coolest guys we know what they’ve recently acquired, are thinking about buying, or need to buy more of — but for whatever reason don’t have in hand just yet. This week, A$AP Ferg, a rapper from New York City’s Harlem neighborhood.

Harlem-born rapper A$AP Ferg has been busy in recent years. He released his debut album Trap Lord in 2013, the same year he won “Rookie of the Year” at the BET Hip Hop Awards. Since then, he’s been the lead artist on 13 singles, the featured artist on 17 singles, and he’s been responsible for two mixtapes and another studio album. This week, the prolific musician can add another accolade to his resume: a limited-edition collab BMX bike made by Redline.

The RL 275 A$AP Ferg x Redline bike features slack forks, 3-inch wide tires, 27.5-inch two-tone rims and Tektro MD-M300 mechanical disc brakes. “I love the big wheels — it’s perfect for cruising, going up and down hills,” he said. “The disc brakes are inspired from motorcycle breaks, too. They’re super tight which is ideal for me because I love doing wheelies.” The new model features a unique gloss Pantone 394 and matte black finish and retails for $799. (He also designed a line of original merch that compliments the bike.)

The collab was a natural fit for Ferg, who grew up riding BMX bikes with friends. “Riding bikes is how I got around in Harlem,” he said. “It was our first means of transportation: I can go from Uptown to Downtown, from the Westside to the Eastside. Redline was able to captivate our attention with the new frames — I always asked for a new Redline every Christmas. I kept wanting to get the newest and the latest model.” His love of Redline bikes is referenced in his music, too: Videos like “Plain Jane” feature BMX styles. And back in April, he even rode his collab Redline onstage at Pharrell’s Something in the Water Festival.

An integral part of the design process, Ferg describes the Tektro brakes on the new model as “lethal, they’re the best in this world.” He designed the bike to be both solid and lightweight (it has a 6061 aluminum alloy frame), and prioritized a comfortable seat position. “It’s the right amount of height, yet it allows you to keep your feet on the floor when you’re not actively riding,” he said.

Before the bike’s June 14 release, we caught up with Ferg to learn what products he’s currently on the hunt for. From a couch designed by an Italian architect to custom jewelry to a classic book, the things reflect a man obsessed with the details. And though he’s been busy with various projects — “I have a few singles that are going to come out,” he told us. “I have been recording nonstop for the past 2 years. We are currently breaking them down into projects now.” — he explained why these products are currently at the top of his list.

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Mario Bellini Couch

“I want my home to feel as if it is an art gallery. A Bellini couch is a sitting art piece.”

Buy Now: $4,385 +

Reginald Sylvester II Painting

“I love his work; it’s so inspiring to me because his paintings are like living, breathing things. So, I’m looking to add a nice Reginald Sylvester piece to complement my home.”

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Silk City Silky and Hair Brush

“It’s the original durag, it lays down your hair, has it looking smooth and there’s nothing in it that will pull your hair out. It makes my hair look good at all times.”

Buy Now: $35

Bike Chain from Will the Jeweler

“That’s just full circle for me, being inspired by Pharrell as a kid and Nigo and all their crazy chains, I always wanted to have something the same. When I was a kid I use to make these big chains with Swarovski crystals that looked like P and Nigo’s chain so that’s where that’s coming from. I dreamed about this piece for a long time and I wanted it to really represent something I love, so we did a bike chain.”

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Pearls from Tiffany’s

“I love quality stuff, and I’m really into pearls, but I haven’t got a high quality set, so I’m searching trying to get the best pearl set from Tiffany’s.”

Buy Now: $27,000 +

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

“Everyone that read that book always tells me there are real gems about success written down in the book. It’s also one book I haven’t read yet that I want to read.”

Buy Now: $14

Celine Bag (Green)

“There’s a new Celine bag that I really love; I asked a good friend of mine to help me find this bag because I can’t seem to find it. That’s the last thing in my cart as of right now, but I always have my eyes on pieces.”

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