Pedaled Terri Urban Jacket

Riders on the storm

Mercenary chic? Looks good to us.

There’s nothing like using flesh and sinew to propel yourself in a forward motion to sights unseen and destinations unknown. Riding a bike is one of mankind’s oldest and most celebrated forms of transportation and some brands get it better than others. PEdALED is a Japanese company that definitely knows its customers. Their Terri Urban Jacket is the newest apparel choice on our radar when it comes to spring-shower riding. Its tailored cut, drawstring hood, water-repellent cotton/nylon blend, and extended back panel make it the perfect fit for any rider in potentially precipitous climates. The Terri Urban Jacket’s ubiquitous style also makes it particularly appealing for those looking to avoid any cyclist stereotypes. With this jacket, you’ll never again be mistaken for a yellow jersey wannabe. Whether you’re out-of-the-saddle or at the grocery store because you’re out of milk, this jacket is good to go.

Buy Now: ~$620

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