This Hiking-Inspired Modular Backpack from Japan Sold out Instantly

Kapital takes to the trail for their latest hiking-influenced bag which comes with a detachable waist bag.


The popularity of Japanese brand Kapital has reached a fever pitch. Thanks to their humorous takes on Americana which consistently produce pieces with odd allure and extremely detailed quality, the brand has earned itself legions of fans. Their latest backpack upkeeps their reputation.

Part of their elusive Kountry line which produces limited edition products made with upcycled materials, the backpack takes cues from vintage trail packs. Patched up and perfectly distressed, the backpack references life on the trail and is made in Japan using heavy-duty 24 ounce cotton canvas. The best part about it is the detachable waist bag. So, you’re getting not one, not two, but three bags in one.

The worst part about it is that it’s already sold out. With some diligent sleuthing, though, you might be able to find this rare pack on the secondhand market.

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