These Wingtips Offer Classic Style with Top Performance

The Martell Wingtips from Johnston & Murphy are the perfect blend of classic style and modern comfort with their featherweight sport treads.


Wingtips have been around for quite some time; so long that the old guard might contend that you can’t improve upon such a longstanding staple. But in recent years, we’ve seen wingtips innovated and changed in a big way, like adding sport tread soles in a variety of wild (sometimes garish) colors. The Martell Wingtips from Johnston & Murphy is a happy medium between longstanding tradition and modern innovation with its fusion of textured leathers and dress styling with a subtle featherweight sport tread. The Martells come in either full-grain leather or oiled nubuck, and all models come with a full leather welt to the rubber sole. The Martells have the classic styling you know with the comfort and performance of a sport tread that you’ll come to love.

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