Baracuta G9 Slimfit

Timeless Cool


The G9 Harrington jacket has been around forever. The reason? It’s got versatility in spades. The G9 Harrington looks as good on you going out on a date as it does on your grandfather puttering around the golf course, as it did on Sinatra 40 years ago. Ok, maybe Sinatra pulled it off a little better than you, but you get the point. It’s been embraced by everyone from mods to trads (Ben: Don’t ask where Jon gets his slang from. The rest of us commonly refer to them as preppy) and everyone in between.


The G9 Slimfit is a recent reinvention of the original Harrington cut. In no way violating the look of its predecessors, it slims out the torso and puts a little more length in the sleeves, thus eliminating the propensity to look like a flying squirrel if you lift your arms up (always a problem for me, as my drop is like 10 inches). The G9 Slimfit is a great jacket for Spring, Summer, and early Fall, as it’s very light-wearing even with a Fraser tartan lining and fully lined sleeves. Plus, it’s Teflon coating makes it resistant to the occasional rainstorm. The variety of available colors is wide and always changing to incorporate numerous special editions and collaborative pieces. I’d recommend sticking with the classic navy, red, or natural for a sharp look today and for many years to come.

Editor’s Note: It should come as no surprise to you at this point that I favor items with a classic look. They’ll last and stay relevant longer. Sometimes they cost you more in the short run, but save you a ton over the long haul, as you’re not replacing clothes every year. The Baracuta is one of these items. Take a look on eBay and you’ll see that people are still buying 30 year old jackets for $50 and up. My one beef with the Slimfit is that it is not offered in a Made in England model, like the original, but you can’t win ’em all.

Cost: ~$230 (£120)

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