Massif Collection

Tactical dressing


Clandestine ops are about blending in; fashion is often about standing out. The Massif Collection ($145+) brings military-grade construction to fashion-forward designs, creating a wardrobe of jackets, pants and shirts that work in the Hindu Kush and the cushy lounge. While the names of the different “looks” are a bit silly, the pieces are all business — that is, if your business calls for mobility, durability and water resistance. This is the type of garb that we can imagine true field types, like the late, great Tim Hetherington, wearing on location.

The collection may not be the true attire of spies or soldiers, but Massif did build their bona fides by supplying the U.S. Army with flame-resistant combat garments and contributing to the development of SOCCOM’s protective combat uniform. From that experience, the collection combines the fit elements, moisture control, and stretch of advanced materials with useful design features and sharp looks. Just remember, while Massif will protect you from geography and weather, only your wits will put you on top in the boardroom/bar/bedroom.

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