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20 Style Essentials You Should Have in Your Bathroom

Style doesn’t start in the closet, but rather in your bathroom.


Style essentials aren’t limited to your closet. We love our jeans, our sneakers, our many varietals of light outerwear, yes. We soak in the Sundays when it comes time to put our idle hands to good use and maintain our stylish goods, too. But style starts with yourself. While that’s a sentiment that externally reads as a comment on something very internal and existential (style is meta, when you break it down), we’re talking more specifically about the body. Grooming.

Your style regimen really begins in the bathroom. There’s a whole medicine cabinet full of style essentials and we’re showing you the full spread. From basic dental hygiene to tools that cut, clip and comb, the list is maybe longer than you think. So, here are the style essentials you should have stocked in your bathroom, well before and well beyond getting dressed.



You gotta keep your chompers chomping for as long as you can. If your weakness isn’t so much savory as it is sweet, this is especially so.

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And get yourself a good toothbrush, too. Opt for a fancy electric toothbrush if you’d like a potentially threatening robot to help you, or go the manual route for peace of mind.

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Don’t forget to get in between each pearl. Waxed floss tends to pick up more plaque than un-waxed versions. But there are also some powered flossers that make your grill look angelic.

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Once you’ve strung between each and every tooth, a good gargle of mouthwash will make sure to wash out whatever’s left and as well as do away with the bad breath-causing bacteria.

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When you can slick back your hair without the help of styling products, it’s probably a good sign you need to wash your hair. Shampoo is there to clear the dirt, oil and debris from your mane, not to mention the shellac left behind from your hair styling product of choice.

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Once you’ve thoroughly removed the grit from your hair, don’t forget to condition it. While shampoo is great for cleanup, it’s almost too good. It strips away the natural oils from your hair which are beneficial for its health. That’s what conditioner is for. It restores your hair’s moisture and pH balance, and leaves it feeling soft, too.

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A good razor will get closer to the skin than an electric brush. Invest in a decent one and it’ll last you until your kids start shaving. And, it’ll help clean up your sideburns between haircuts.

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Shaving Brush

A shaving brush helps apply the shaving cream to your face. It leaves the mess on the brush and not on your hands.

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Shaving Cream/Soap

But before you get to shaving, find a good shaving cream or shaving soap. It’ll make the shaving process even smoother by moistening the hairs which makes them easier to cut. It also provides a protective barrier between the blade and the skin, preventing cuts, redness and irritation.

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Aftershave is vital. It helps prevent infection while also reducing irritation. Unless you hate yourself, don’t skip out on this, especially if you have sensitive skin.

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Beard Trimmer

If the term ‘topiary’ applies to your face, you might want to keep your beard in shape. Find a proper beard trimmer that’s cordless for easy maneuvering and one that has a deep tooth that can power through the bushiest beards without getting caught.

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Combs don’t need to be fancy. An artisanal, gentlemanly hair styling apparatus is all well and good, but a stiff plastic comb with a combination of wide and narrow teeth offers everything you need to get your hair to lay properly.

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Body Lotion

Once you’ve hopped out of the shower (or bath, if you prefer laying down as you clean yourself), you’ve just sloughed away not only the dirt and debris from your body but also some of its natural oils. You want to replenish your skin’s natural moisture barrier after it’s absorbed moisture from the shower.

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Face Cleanser

The skin on your face is more delicate than the rest of your body. As such, you have to treat it with products specifically concocted for your moneymaker. Start with a good face cleanser, then you’ll move to toner.

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Face Toner

What is toner, you ask? After washing your face clean, toner helps balance the pH levels of your skin, close the pores to help smooth the skin and prevent acne. Most importantly, toner primes the skin to take in nutrients and vitamins for moisturizing. Don’t skip this step!

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Face Moisturizer

Now that you’ve cleansed and toned, it’s time to moisturize. Finding the right cleanser, toner and moisturizer is a bit of a process and varies from person to person. You’ll want to know your skin type (e.g., dry, oily, combination, sensitive, etc.) before buying a face product.

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Body Wash/Soap

Whether it’s a body wash or a bar of soap, it’s really up to you. They each have their pros and cons but try to go easy on your skin and avoid anything with harsh chemicals.

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This is more for the body wash advocates, but a good loofah can’t be overlooked. It’ll absorb your body wash and distribute it evenly so you don’t end up using too much. Plus, you can find some options that help to exfoliate, leaving you with a softer skin post-shower.

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Nail Clippers

It may seem like a small detail, but you work with your hands all the time. So it pays to get nail clippers that get the job done and do it well. Upgrade your nail clippers from the cheap drugstore fare.

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There’s no shame if your go-to eau de parfum is Au Naturale. But if your personal brand exudes style, you might want to choose a fragrance other than the one you were given. Like the rest of the style essentials on this list, this is subjective. Particularly with fragrance, choosing one that suits you is an endeavor that’s even more personal. You’ll want to test out a few if you can before locking in your daily scent.

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