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17 New Style Releases That Are Perfect for Summer

The best style releases to come out this week, from sheer outerwear to slick service boots and more.


There’s a lot to love about summer: sun-soaking at the beach, ice cream (coffee flavor is the best, just so you know) and all the stylish summer drops from our favorite brands and designers. While summer doesn’t technically start until June 20, brands are pumping out some serious heat ahead of the heatwave. As such, it’s got us sweatin’ metaphorically. Whether it’s a pair of outrageous sandals, sheer shirts, or just a really good t-shirt, it all dropped this week. Here are our favorite style releases of the week.

Anti Social Social Club x USPS

Anti Social Social Club trolls itself after being dubbed by some as Anti Shipping Shipping Club. But, will this save the USPS? Probably not. Either way, it’s a strange collab.

Learn More: Here

Viberg x Lost & Found Black Chromexcel Service Boot

Viberg’s Service Boot is its most popular style and this tasty make up by the folks at Lost & Found is even more savory.

Buy Now: $326 (50% pre-order deposit)

Velva Sheen Big Pocket Tee

Is it a sweatshirt? Is it a t-shirt? The answer is yes.

Buy Now: $78

Visvim Christo Shaman Folk Sandals

John Mayer’s house slippers.

Buy Now: $840

Matthew M. Williams x Stussy Loro Piana Denim Collection

The ultimate high-low mix.

Learn More: Here

Hender Scheme SS20

Shoes for your shoes.

Learn More: Here

Alex Mill Tie-Dye Socks

For lovers of sandals, clogs and mules, Alex Mill’s got your sock.

Buy Now: $20

A Vontade Officer Trouser

The military officers of the future are wearing these iridescent chinos.

Buy Now: $340

C’H’C’M Pocket Tee

An over-the-top t-shirt with a pocket lifted from traditional suiting.

Buy Now: $120

Portuguese Flannel Short Sleeve Button Down Shirt

Ditch the usual Hawaiian print and plaids for something a little more abstract.

Buy Now: $108

Nepenthes NY x New Era

God, do we miss sports.

Buy Now: $50

Acne Studios Crew-Neck Cotton-Jersey Cardigan

The crew neck cardigan is severely underrated.

Buy Now: $347

Ludovic Saint Sernin Single-Breasted Silk Organza Jacket

A jacket fit for sweltering summer days.

Buy Now: $1,438

Bode Summer ’20 Collection

Menswear favorite Emily Bode is back with a summer drop!

Learn More: Here

Free & Easy Tie Dye Face Masks

Now that masks are outfit essentials, why not grab some to match your outfit?

Buy Now: $30 (three-pack)

18 East Summer Drop

And just like that, 18 East’s collection is sold out yet again. It’s not hard to see why.

Learn More: Here

Noah Expandable Mesh Tote

Your Macbook might not have expandable storage, but Noah’s beach-ready mesh tote does.

Buy Now: $98

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