This Tee Is Raising Money to Support Black Communities

A collab between Brand Dead and Blood Orange.


Racial injustice has always been a part of this country’s system, manifesting in nearly every part of our lives. The work to dismantle systemic racism is immense and many are doing their part in the undertaking by donating to bail relief funds, signing petitions, shopping Black-owned businesses, protesting in the streets and more. And, some brands are also using graphic tees to send a powerful message — not unlike hand-written protest signs — and also to also raise money for the Black Lives Matter cause.

Streetwear brand Brain Dead just introduced the pre-order for its charitable ‘We Are One’ tee, made in collaboration with contemporary R&B artist Dev Hynes, aka Blood Orange. A prominent figure in the music scene, Hynes comes from a Guyanese and Sierra Leonean heritage and the tee spells it out plain and clear: if you love Black culture, protect Black lives. All of the proceeds will go to The Movement for Black Lives, Black-Owned Business Relief Fund and LGBTQ Fund. In just 24 hours, total sales of the tee is over half a million dollars, and if you want one, you’d better hurry because the pre-order ends tomorrow at 10 a.m. PST.

Clothing with graphics and text have been used throughout history to send all kinds of messages of resistance, whether it’s DIY or professionally screen-printed. But, Brain Dead is clear that you don’t have to buy a tee to show support, saying, “If you don’t want the shirt please consider sending in a donation…”

Buy Now: $54

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