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What Should You Wear with White Pants? Here Are 5 Tips

5 ways to wear white pants.


White pants can be daunting. They seem like a good idea at the time of purchase, but when it comes time to get dressed, you’re not so sure you can pull them off. “How do I wear these?” you ask yourself. The only answer you hear in return is your own echo, rebounding off the walls of your empty apartment. There’s nobody there to guide you in your style quandary.

That’s why I’m here. My experience (tons of bricked outfits) has taught me well and I’ll be the one to guide you on this pristine, white pant journey. Whether your vibe is comfy, clean, fashion-forward, sartorial or whatever, here are a few ways to incorporate white pants into your wardrobe.

Keep it Simple


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Don’t overthink it. An easy way to rock your white jeans is to keep it clean. Can’t say that that’s easy to do (they’re white after all), but what we mean is to keep everything else simple. White jeans can be the statement here if you just pair it with a plain tee and pull-on boots. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, add some accessories, whether that’s a watch or a classic chain necklace.

Rely on Indigo


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A never-fail outfit is a simple pair of blue jeans and white T-shirt. With a pair of white jeans, you can take that same formula and just flip it, pairing it with a denim shirt or jacket on top. It could be a western-style denim shirt or a chambray button-up, or a denim chore coat. The combo of indigo and white works well in basically any situation and whether the denim is on top or the bottom is irrelevant.

Add Some Color


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Instead of thinking of the white pants as the subject, you can treat it as the canvas instead. Add some energy to it with a mix of colors, patterns, prints and don’t be afraid to lean into the brighter colors. Building the outfit this way allows the pants to ground the outfit, anchoring the colors together. While we’re on the subject of color, you can ease into white pants with a pair that’s not so stark white, like this natural-toned pair from Darryl Brown.

Act Like You’re on Vacation


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White pants are made for summer. The vacation you’re having may only be in your mind (if it’s not a trip to the back yard), but you can still dress like you’re soaking in the sun far away. Try a patterned shirt and some breezy sandals to get into the mindset. And, loosen up the silhouette while you’re at it.

Prep Your Outfit


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You can always take a page out of ‘Take Ivy’. Add some prep in your step with a pair of classic penny loafers and a military-inspired button-up on top so it doesn’t look like you’re trying to relive your college days.

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