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12 New Style Releases We Can’t Wait to Get

From earthy sneakers to artisanally-dyed shirts and more.


This summer’s shaping up to be one of the most stylish yet, stay-at-home orders or not. This week, we obsessed. We obsessed over handwoven shirts, traditional African textiles, tropical sneakers and a lot more. We won’t say how many of this week’s best style releases are currently sitting in our digital carts, but we can say that it’s definitely more than one. And once this article is up, we know that our browser tabs will still be open, waiting for us to take it from the cart to IRL.

Snow Peak Yamai Collection Handwoven Cotton Silk

Snow Peak’s entire Yamai collection is stellar, using natural dyes like indigo and calligraphy ink and traditional dyeing techniques. The result is something that we need in our closet right now.

Buy Now: $410

Daily Paper Postcard Repost Shirt

A stylish reminder that we need the USPS.

Buy Now: $103

Kenzo x Vans OG Old Skool LX

The minimalist shoe thing has been done to death, y’all.

Buy Now: $190

Total Luxury Spa Earth Embassy

Per Total Luxury Spa’s website, “The Earth Embassy has “free thinking,” free space with no borders, free meditation, free organic sustenance, free WiFi, and upon entrance all members are furnished a ceremonial Peace Lily.” Now that’s a T-shirt I can get into.

Buy Now: $60

Post-Imperial Ijebu Shirt

The only waves I’m trying to catch are on this shirt.

Buy Now: $235

Outerknown Indigo Tie-Dye Mask

When we say that face masks are a must-have this summer, we really mean it.

Buy Now: $30

Filson x White’s Fire Hybrid Boot

This hybrid gets more miles per gallon and can fight forest fires.

Buy Now: $575

Stussy x Jim Denevan

Land art meets streetwear.

Buy Now: $PRICE

Hender Scheme MIP-22

Most of the time, replicas are cheaper knockoffs of the original. Definitely not the case with Hender Scheme’s hand-crafted take on the Air Force 1.

Buy Now: $785

Fear of God x Barton Perreira FGBP2020

Jerry Lorenzo’s personal frames in humble colorways.

Buy Now: $510

Arvin Goods Casual Twisted Sock

If you’re gonna wear socks with sandals, they’d better be some damned good ones.

Buy Now: $14

Reebok x Brain Dead Classic Leather Sneaker

The Reebok Classic Leather gets an earthy rendition.

Buy Now: $150

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