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10 Great Hand Sanitizers That Aren’t Purell

Handy solutions that nourish your skin and smell great, too.


The world’s been turned upside down. And, tumbling from our pockets and tote bags is a new EDC for the new normal — keys, wallet, phone, mask, sanitizer. Hygiene is more imperative now, especially when you’re headed out the door. Proper hygiene can help protect not only you, but those around you from contracting a gamut of diseases from the common cold to the novel coronavirus.

It’s clear that face masks help to reduce the spread of coronavirus, but you can’t forget to wash your hands. While soap and water are effective at ridding your hands of debris while killing harmful bacteria and other pathogens, it’s a moot point if you’re out and about, away from a sink. That’s what hand sanitizer is for.

Hand sanitizers are portable and an effective way to kill pathogens when you don’t have immediate access to soap and water. They won’t remove grease or debris like soap and water do, but they are a handy solution that will still keep your paws virus-free. The CDC recommends using a hand sanitizer made with at least 60 percent alcohol. Purell is the most popular choice, but there are plenty of options we prefer to tote with us.

These hand sanitizers are a step above the staid drug store fare and upgrade the very sterile experience. They’re infused with skin-nourishing ingredients to keep your hands feeling soft and blended with essential oils and fragrances that don’t smell like you’re having the alcohol sweats.

Dr Bronner’s Peppermint Hand Sanitizer

Dr Bronner’s fair trade and organic sanitizer features glycerin, a humectant which draws moisture to the skin, as well as soothing peppermint oil.

Buy Now: $5

100 Percent Pure Hand Sanitizer Spray

This completely vegan spray soothes hands as it sanitizes thanks to aloe vera and glycerin. Plus, the invigorating tea tree oil smells amazing.

Buy Now: $5

Cabinet Instant Hand Cleanser

It makes sense to have a bottle in each bag, just in case you switch up your daily carry. This two-pack is a great value and offers a citrusy blend of lemongrass oil, lemon, pine, orange peel and cypress leaves that smell super fresh.

Buy Now: $8 (two-pack)

Aesop Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash

Aesop’s luxurious Rinse-Free Hand Wash is a gel formula made with a blend of mandarin rind, rosemary leaf and cedar atlas. The intoxicating aroma palette is citrusy, woody and herbaceous — a far cry from the sterile solutions at the local drug store.

Buy Now: $10

Happy Place Symbiosis Hand Sanitizer

Made in NYC, this sanitizer features skin-nourishing aloe vera as well as all-natural ingredients like honeysuckle essential oil and grapefruit.

Buy Now: $11

Humankind Hand Sanitizer

Humankind offers a tight range of hand sanitizers that are large enough to refill on-the-go bottles, making them an economical choice. Available in eucalyptus, grapefruit and unscented options, each one features hyaluronic acid, a water-retaining ingredient that occurs naturally in your skin.

Buy Now: $15

Vegamour Hand Sanitizer Spray

Vegamour’s vegan hand sanitizer spray is made with all-natural ingredients like organic aloe vera and marula oil, which is known for containing antioxidants and for soothing dry skin. It’s balanced blend of orange peel and lavender make it a treat to smell.

Buy Now: $16

Everyone Hand Sanitizer Spray

More potent and portable than any other six-pack, Everyone’s sanitizer spray is derived from GMO-free sugar cane. It’s paired with a sensual blend of lemon essential oil and coconut essence for an instant aromatherapy session in a bottle.

Buy Now: $17 (six-pack)

EiR NYC Pure Eir

EiR NYC’s premium hand sanitizer features a rich blend of calendula-infused olive oil, cypress oil, sweet orange oil, eucalyptus and witch hazel which combat microbes and bacteria while leaving your skin nourished and smelling fantastic.

Buy Now: $20

DS & Durga Big Sur After Rain Hand Sanitizer

If you prefer your hand sanitizer to come with a short story, DS & Durga’s Big Sur After Rain is for you. Inspired by the famed mountainous central coast of California, this hanacd sanitizer spray features a thick scent of eucalyptus, notes of magnolia and wet wood. It also contains glycerin to keep your hands moisturized.

Buy Now: $30

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