Banana Republic X GP | Summer in the City

Summer is imminent, and we’re already shedding the layers in anticipation of summer Fridays and weekends on the go. Teaming up with Banana Republic, we assembled a series of stylish, versatile warm-weather looks.

William Yan

When I first met Eric and Ben, the founders of Gear Patrol, we hatched a plan to write a seven-part series about training for Ironman. That lasted for a summer, and immediately after we spent a month writing about beef. We called it the “Month of Beef”. At one point somebody sent us a wagyu brisket the size of my chest. It was ludicrous, and cooked up nicely, and I thought, “Yeah, I could see myself working with these guys”.

I mostly focus on endurance sports at GP, but we cover a really broad range of topics. The consequence (and the beauty) of that extensive scope is that I’m always out looking for story ideas and inspiration, even on the weekends. Summer is a blessing for this because the collective energy in the city is so high — you can really feel it. It also makes getting around on a bike, which is how I prefer to commute, much more pleasant. The first time I ride to the office and don’t freeze my ass off coming home at night is the official start of summer for me.

Riding a bike here changes the landscape. On wheels, I can cover every square inch, rip through midtown traffic, duck down quiet side streets, see what stores are opening and where people are hanging out, maybe flirt with some biker chicks. My favorite ‘hood is the East Village. It has an informal culture and every kind of entertainment you could imagine: excellent restaurants, bars, music, artfully dressed people, parks.

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JEREMY’S LOOK: Three-Pocket Zip Jacket: $120 | Slim Fit Linen-Cotton Button-Down Shirt: $70 | Slim Fit Chino: $60 | Dot Print Silk Skinny Tie: $60 | Vintage Brown Sawyer Wingtip: $140 | Johnny Sunglasses: $120 (Click on any image for more information)

On Friday nights I’ll breeze down the 2nd Avenue bike lane and meet friends there. Alphabet City Beer Co. is one of my favorite spots. The owners are neighborhood guys who’ve created a real locals’ spot, with a big communal table and a new porch in the back — plus beer, of course, 12 kinds on tap, most of which I’ve usually never heard of. These guys are total beer geeks, so I always discover something new.


ON JEREMY: Johnny Sunglasses: $120 | Slim Fit Soft-Wash Multi-Plaid Button-Down Shirt: $65 | Sky Diver Blue Slim Fit Chino: $60 | Dot Print Silk Skinny Tie: $60 | Great Sawyer Wingtip: $140

If I’m not traveling for a story then Saturdays are pretty typical for me. I like to work for a few hours in the early morning and then get out for the day. There’s a cubby hole of a restaurant called Luke’s Lobster on 7th Street where I go for lunch. As a New Hampshire native, I swore up and down I wouldn’t eat lobster more than few clicks from their geographic origin, but it turns out the owner of Luke’s is from Maine — from the same town as my college crush — and these lobster rolls are fresh and staggeringly good. After that I’ll tool around and visit some bookstores or record shops like In Living Stereo on Great Jones. They specialize in high-end stereo equipment, but I usually go to dig through the crates of used records looking for some Waylon Jennings or Hank Williams.


ON JEREMY: Soft-Wash Striped Tee: $30 | Burnt Rust Chambray Short: $60 | Navy Textured Shawl-Collar Cardigan: $130 | Navy Logan Sneaker: $98| Johnny Sunglasses: $120

On Sunday I’m outside as much as possible. Usually I’m training for a race, so I’ll go for a long run in the morning and then hit the park with friends. Tompkins is great because there’s so much going on — kids playing hockey, yogis twisting themselves up into pretzels, crazy people acting nuts. I like to grab a coffee from Abraço and play a game or two on the outdoor ping pong table. Then I’ll head a few blocks over to the East River Promenade. It’s a two-minute bike ride and you’re rewarded with an incredible view of Brooklyn. I take every chance I get to go to the water and catch a few deep breaths. It’s a crowded city, but if you’re willing to walk or bike a few blocks you can find tranquility just as easily as a craft beer or a lobster roll.

Special thanks to photographer William Yan for helping bring this shoot to life. Be sure to follow his unique style and work on his site, Twitter and Instagram.

Learn More About BR’s Entire Summer Line: Here

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