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These Album Covers Give Us Endless Style Inspiration

Albums that are currently inspiring us to get dressed.

style inspiration album covers

We love listening to music. While we're perfectly content to don some headphones and crank up the volume knob 'til it falls off, we also get our kicks from a good album cover. The best albums inspire us to get up and dance (or headbang), and others even inspire us to get dressed. Since we're confined to our homes more these days, we're looking to other sources of sartorial insight. Right now, here are some covers that are doing just that for us.

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Deep (1979) — Parliament
man carrying a boombox wearing furry chaps water skiing on two dolphins
Courtesy Casablanca

Though the 'Deep' was released as part of Parliament's 1977 record, Motor-Booty Affair, the track saw a later single release with this insane cover. It's a cover best experienced from top to bottom.


Ramones (1976) — Ramones
ramones album cover
Courtesy Sire Records

Leather jackets, Levi's 505 jeans, canvas sneakers — it's a look that still works today. Though, you might want to update the hair.


My Ghetto Report Card (2006) — E-40
e 40 album cover
Courtesy Warner Records

The King of Crunk's lowkey glasses belie his cavalcade of certified bops. It's inspired Sun Buddies to make their own E-40-inspired eyewear and comes at a good time when '90s style has made a triumphant return. As a bonus, check out Susuma Yokota's killer glasses.


Live at Ronnie Scott's (1966) — Yusef Lateef
portrait of yusef lateef
Courtesy Gearbox Records

Enigmatic jazz artist Yusef Lateef's live session at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club in London brought one of the coolest portraits of the musician. Classic wayfarer-style glasses, a polo shirt buttoned all the way to the top and a close-fitting beret, a simple combination that sounds like it shouldn't work, unless you're a jazz head.


Live from KCRW (2013) — Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
nick cave and the bad seeds live from kcrw album cover
Courtesy Bad Seed Ltd

A profound artist with an equally appealing sense of personal style, Nick Cave on this live album sports a well-tailored getup that's very 1970s without the traps of super exaggerated collars.


If I Could Hold Your Soul (2017) — Cities Aviv
cities aviv album cover
Courtesy Total Works

As blurry as it is, the cover art for Cities Aviv's 'single If I Could Hold Your Soul' gets a stylish point across. The baggy silhouette and mix of plaid with stripes and running sneakers is a wave that fashionable types are still on today.


Long White Cadillac (1989) — Dwight Yoakam
dwight yoakim album cover
Courtesy Amazon

Before John Mayer's all-Visvim fit on the cover of Paradise Valley, there was country singer Dwight Yoakam. The scant desert landscape is the perfect backdrop to show off his long Chimayo coat, stacked jeans and pointy cowboy boots.


Quickness (1989) — Bad Brains
bad brains quickness album cover
Courtesy Bad Brains

Flannels, jeans, cable-knit sweaters, chinos and rugby shirts sounds basically like a Ralph Lauren ad. Instead, it's a Bad Brains cover.


Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too<,em> (1998) — New Radicals
new radicals album cover
Courtesy MCA

Late '90s one hit wonder didn't make much of a splash after its hit single 'Get What You Give' (the music video is a personal fave). But this writer is still riding its wave in the style category. Namely, loose silhouettes, track jackets and a floppy bucket hat.


Naughty Boys (1978) — Yellow Magic Orchestra
ymo cover album
Courtesy Alfa

Japanese snythpop trio Yellow Magic Orchestra's way to great style: a good haircut and lush mohair sweater.


Blonde (2016) — Frank Ocean
frank ocean blonde album cover
Courtesy Boys Don't Cry

He's not wearing much in this cover, but Frank Ocean's forest green hair helped launch another wave of neon hair jobs the likes of which was only seen when Eminem first came onto the scene. Plus, Frank's showering, which is an important grooming habit.


Am (2013) — Ovlov
ovlov album cover
Courtesy Exploding In Sounds

While Bruce Springsteen's iconic album covers are, well, iconic, for their blue jeans and white tee formula, shoegaze/hardcore band Ovlov's debut album features a clean white tee with a more free-flowing silhouette.


Let's Get It On...Live (1975) — Marvin Gaye
let's get it on live album cover
Courtesy Motown

The cover to Marvin Gaye's is legendary already. But the live cut gives a clearer look into Gaye's fit: double denim combined with a perfectly worn-in army green tee and a red-orange watch cap and a sculpted beard.


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