The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Homebody

Staying home and staying cozy? Gifting for the homebody on your list? Here's your guide.

deckers x lab ko z slide
Deckers X Lab

Staying home and staying cozy can be just as elevated as a night on the town. Taking relaxation seriously is more important than ever — and more challenging. But if we know one thing, it's that the right piece of gear can act as a spark, as a moment of inspiration to live life better. And just as a new bike can inspire you to get out and ride more, the right cozy products can be the kick you need to start relaxing.

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Deckers X Lab KO-Z Slide
hgg deckers x lab
Deckers X Lab

How do you improve upon the humble sandal? Look at it with fresh eyes, tear it down, then build it back up again. That's exactly what the team at Deckers X Lab did with the KO-Z Slide. Forget everything you know about a sandal. The KO-Z Slide offers five layers of foam, with ultra-soft memory foam closest to the foot. The result is a delightful cushion sensation that stabilizes your foot and keeps them comfortable for hours. Next, Deckers X Lab made use of wool in the arch, which is naturally cushioning, antimicrobial and helps with moisture management. The KO-Z Slide is finished with thermoregulating sheepskin, digitally printed webbing for an adjustable-fit foothold and a midfoot rocker so that they'll stay in place no matter what you're doing.

Price: $130

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Reigning Champ Midweight Fleece Cuffed Sweatpants
reigning champ midweight fleece cuffed sweatpants
Reigning Champ

No one quite does premium loungewear like Reigning Champ. The brand's Midweight Fleece Cuffed Sweatpants offer a tailored fit with plenty of comfort. Run to the store or run to the couch, they're suited to either.

Price: $150

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Mountain of Moods Thermal Boa Fleece NeckWarmer One GY
mountain of moods thermal boa fleece neckwarmer one gy

What's better than your favorite hoody? A comfy fleece hood to turn whatever you're wearing into your favorite hoody.

Price: ~$122

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Houdini Power Air Crew
houdini power air crew

Houdini's Power Air Crew is perfect whether you're adventuring out in the mountains or living vicariously through Planet Earth. It's made with Polartec Power Air, which represents a new generation of low-shedding fleece, so you can do your part to protect planet earth while you watch it.

Price: $160

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Fits Light Hiker Crew
fits light hiker crew

The ultimate cozy outfit deserves the ultimate cozy sock. Fits, as its name implies, makes some of the best fitting merino wool socks money can buy, and this camo print adds a healthy dose of style to the eqaution.

Price: $22

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Le Labo Santal 26 Candle
le labo santal 26 candle
Le Labo Santal 26 Candle

Top it all off with a classic scent to set the mood. As Le Labo describes it, "an aristocratic scent, at once gentle, smoky and leathery, that will fill your space and give it true personality." We'll take their word for it. We just think it smells good.

Price: $65

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