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The 8 Best Belts for Casual Summer Style

Braided and woven belts that, for the most part, won't break the bank.


If you’re looking for a decidedly more casual belt for summer outfits, consider a woven or braided style. Braided leather belts may occasionally prove more expensive, but they add an element of texture to your wardrobe that traditional smooth leather belts lack; they also come with different types of buckles — like D-rings and sliders — adding to a more laid-back look.

Although there are luxury labels manufacturing belts with ludicrous markups, there is an ever-growing list of brands making belts that are both durable and affordable. Some of the entries are steadfast classics — Anderson's or Filson — while others are newcomers — Folk and Bleu De Chauffe. Here are some of our favorites.

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Woven Leather Belt

Anderson's has been making belts in Parma, Italy since 1966. Nowadays their styles are some of the most sought after accessories on the market. Family-run to this day, they loom-braid leather belts — like this one — by hand and finish them with silver-toned metal buckles. 

Hand-Braided Leather Belt

RRL's Terrance Belt has a timelessness to it. Hand-oiled and -braided in Italy from vegetable-tanned, rough out suede, it's both well-made and seemingly already well-worn. It's the best of both worlds.

Suede Combination Stretch Belt

For the price, Uniqlo's Suede Stretch Belt beats competitors by a landslide. Equipped with just one hole, the belt expands to accommodate your waist size, resulting in a snug yet comfortable fit. Plus, that's high-quality Italian Mastrotto suede you see.

Assembly Belt

Folk combines a braided linen belt and leather and metal finishings for a belt that's equal parts functional and fun. Consider it an excellent casual summer belt — but I guess you could wear it year-round.

Togiak Belt

Fit for wearing even when you're carrying a heavy pack, Filson's Togiak Belt may be outdoor-leaning but it's perfectly right for any occasion wherein you're in need of something subtle – and yet totally capable of keeping your pants up.

Merano Canvas Belt

Fjallraven Merano Belt comes equipped with a metal buckle, ensuring the acrylic belt won't come undone. Available in a bunch of colors, this option is priced incredibly well for what it is. 

Manille Woven Leather Belt
Bleu De Chauffe

Founded in 2009, French-born accessories brand Bleu De Chauffe makes hand-woven belts in luxe leather. This option will patina with habitual wear, while a buckle designed to reference ship shackles sets it apart from traditional styles.

Stretch Webbing Leather Belt

Rich natural tones — brown, tan or black — aren't always in favor. Barbour gets that and opts for Navy with their Stretch Webbing Leather Belt. It's made from a blend of materials (polypropylene, elastane and leather) and comes with a brass buckle.

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