Get the Barber’s Take on Improving Your Grooming Routine

Tips for a New Year’s resolution that’ll be easier than following through with that gym membership or going paleo.


It’s easy to flake out on our grooming routines every once in a while: skipping shaving for a day (or week), waking up late and forgetting to exfoliate before work in the morning or foregoing the use of hair styling products on the weekend. But keeping your mop and your mug in tip-top order should be a high priority for those who want to look neat and professional. Thus, come 2016, one easy New Year’s resolution to keep (easier than a new gym regimen, anyway) would be to refine your grooming habits. And since 2015 marked the 50th anniversary of legendary Cali grooming brand Baxter of California, we felt it was as good a time as any to seek out Baxter’s grooming experts for advice on creating the ultimate hair and skin routine.

GP: What are the biggest trends in terms of men’s hairstyles you saw this year?


We definitely see more guys coming in for both more classic and creative cuts. That being said we’re probably going to see guys continue to get their sides faded and keep the top long. No matter the style or length you’re trying to achieve you always want to make sure your hair is healthy. The Baxter of California Protein Shampoo and Moisturizing Conditioner work together to promote strong hair while counteracting dryness.

Buy Now: $16 (Protein Shampoo)Buy Now: $17 (Conditioner)

GP: What advice would you give the guy who wants a fresh-cut look, but doesn’t have the styling know-how?


Always ask your barber how to take your style from the shop to the street, because he or she knows your hair style better than anyone else. If you’re looking for a more relaxed look, our Grooming Lotion is excellent for natural looking hair without flyaways and frizz. If you’re very into holding a look, picking up something like the Pocket Comb and Pomade Mixer Kit is good for keeping your do looking its best on the go.

Buy Now: $20 (Grooming Lotion)Buy Now: $28 (Pomade Mixer Kit)

GP: What are some common shaving mistakes you see guys making? And what do you suggest they do to fix it?


A huge mistake guys make is not investing in the shaving tools they’re using. Your face is the first thing anyone notices, so you definitely want to treat it right. Buying a drug store razor on the fly might sound like a simple solution, but can end up costing you with nicks and rashes. Our custom chrome-plated Safety Razor on the other hand helps reduce ingrown hairs and razor burn, and will last you for years. Also, using an aftershave with alcohol dries out skin. Our After Shave Balm doesn’t have alcohol and instead is loaded with aloe, which helps to hydrate the skin and protect it from future razor burn.

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GP: Any Baxter product favorites, straight from the source?


The Cream Pomade and Clay Pomade seem to be most people’s go to when they’re purchasing from the shop. Not only are they great styling tools, but they keep hair in check all day long.

Buy Now: $20 (Cream Pomade)Buy Now: $20 (Clay Pomade)

Baxter’s Must-Haves

Three Skin Care Essentials

A good exfoliator. Sometimes soap and water just doesn’t get the job done. While we recommend our Daily Face Wash for a gentle cleansing, our Facial Scrub really gets in there to clear out the impurities that the elements can clog your pores with. It’s also great to use as a pre-shave treatment.

Buy Now: $17 (Daily Face Wash)Buy Now: $17 (Facial Scrub)

Under eye cream. For whatever reason guys think they don’t need to use eye creams. But our Under Eye Complex immediately minimizes puffiness and dark circles, and it’s perfect for erasing the signs of a late night — or being a part of a well-rounded skincare routine.

Buy Now: $28 (Under Eye Complex)

A proper toner. This one might come as a surprise, since a lot of guys may not have used one before. We include the Herbal Mint Toner in our < Skin 123 Kit because it’s a fundamental step in the face-cleansing process. Not only does it prep your face for the day, but it also can be used to get rid of excess oil.

Buy Now: $49 (Skin 123 Kit)Buy Now: $18 (Herbal Mint Toner)

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