Hart Steel Straight Razor

Hart Steel from the Heartland


What man hasn’t had a draw to straight razor shaving. Maybe its the simplicity, maybe its the timelessness, maybe the “green-ness,” but we’d guess a large portion is because it’s flat-out badass.

For me, that draw to straight razor shaving finally reached the tipping point a few months back when faced with purchasing yet another multi-blade pack of disposable razor heads. Inevitably our search for the right straight razor led us to the recently launched Hart Steel ($230-$260). Based in the heartland of the US, Hart Steel produces every one of their razors in the USA from domestically sourced parts. Each individual razor is hand assembled by one artisanal technician from start to finish. The steel blade is tested at a Rockwell hardness of 63 for lasting sharpness and the handle scales come in either injected silicone or a wide selection of hardwoods.

We’ve spent the summer learning to wield an ebony scaled Hart Steel Razor. After a couple rough outings I’m happy to report I’m well on our way to a perfect shave. The razor handles well in the hand and doesn’t slip around when wet (very, very key when you’re holding a 4 inch razor blade). The blade has held its edge well, and with consistent stropping its given a very smooth shave. So smooth in fact that my significant other prefers it to the old multi-bladed shaves, the highest of praises.

Getting set up to straight razor shave is pretty expensive, but like a fine pair of shoes, a Hart Steel razor can last the rest of your life if cared for properly. Can’t say that for much these days. If you want to buy American and are ready to take the straight razor jump, Hart Steel should be atop your list.

Author’s Note: Take it slow learning to straight razor shave. We found areas like the chin and upper lip to be difficult to get down right off the bat.  Learn the angles and don’t be in a rush.

Buy Now: $230-$260

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