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Jack Black 3-in-1 Clear Complexion Solution

Razor Bump & Acne Treatment


Men residing in Southern California are lucky bastards. Why? Because you men don’t deal with seasons. And though I wouldn’t give up Fall or Early Winter for all the 74° afternoons in the world, it would be a failure on my part if I didn’t admit that the assault of dry heated air, cold gusts of Noreasters, or summers drenched in humidity are hell on a man’s face.

Combine that with regular shaving and well… you get the point. Jack Black’s 3-in-1 Clear Complexion Solution has come to the rescue. It’s infused with alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids to exfoliate skin allowing sub-surface hair to grow up and out instead of festering beneath the skin (sounds awesome) improving your daily shave.. Jack Black’s 3-in-1 also dissolves oily buildup (goodbye blackheads) and a daily astringent for oily or acne-prone skin.

You’ll find organic green tea, aloe vera, certified-organic chamomile and willowherb making up the ingredients of Jack Black’s 3-in-1 Clear Cmplexion Solution.

Editor’s Note: It goes without saying that men who require daily shaves (e.g. Patrick Tuttle and Jon Gaffney, our resident shave lab subjects) will benefit from the 3-in-1, but even those of you that shave once every fortnight (Ben “Baby’s Bottom” Bowers) will benefit from the hydrating and soothing ingredients to effectively counteract dryness and irritation.

Cost: $25

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