The Best Shave You Can Buy Begins with This Welcome Kit

Shavelogic's SL5 razor is built on over a decade of research and over 150 company patents.

hands pulling out new razor heads

Any guy will tell you, a great shave is a lot more complicated than a few blades and some shaving cream. Just ask Shavelogic, who has built a product offering after ten-plus years of skincare research. Its SL5 Welcome Kit takes that decade-plus of research, and packs in learnings and technology from over 150 company patents. From the handle — which is guaranteed for life — to the proprietary suspension system that allows the razor to maneuver and reach around even tight, tiny areas, the SL5 is an investment in one of the most consistent, smoothest shaves you can buy. That investment isn't just a long-term bet on your skin either. Shavelogic has thrown down the gauntlet when it comes to value for your dollar, with a money-back guarantee that customers will get more smooth shaves out of every cartridge. The Welcome Kit comes with four, built-to-last five-blade cartridges, so you can kiss regular runs to the drugstore for replacement blades goodbye.

Price: $25


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