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The Mode Electric Toothbrush Doesn't Take Up Space on Your Counter

The Mode Toothbrush's charging dock plugs directly into an outlet, a first for the category.

mode toothbrush

Most electric toothbrushes come with bulky bases for storing them upright when they're not in use. Others, like Quip, come with wall anchors, where the toothbrush can remain mounted in a similar position. Most of those — Quip included — run on disposable batteries, though.

The Mode Toothbrush, however, a new all-black electric option from Compound Brands, the creator of teeth whitening company Auraglow, doesn't connect to a wired base or run on disposable batteries. Its charging pad plugs right into an outlet, all while leaving room for something else to plug in below it. The toothbrush attaches using an ultra-strong magnet — meaning, at least according to the brand (but also my initial research), this is the only toothbrush on the market that charges without wires.

mode toothbrush
The Mode Toothbrush is an all-black upmarket electric toothbrush — there’s no other way to put it.

And the adjustment isn't just for looks. Although the Mode Toothbrush only has one setting, and a fairly simple bristle head, it's powerful. With a battery that lasts 30 days on a single charge and a brush rate of 38,000 strokes per minute, it trumps Quip's electric toothbrush (15,000 brush strokes per minute) and Philips Sonicare's most popular model (31,000 brush strokes per minute).

mode tootbrush
The charging dock leaves room for another plug below it, and the dock can also rotate, too, turning the brush on its side while attached.

Subscribers receive a lifetime warranty. One-time buyers get one year.

Other noteworthy innovations include sonic vibration technology to clean deeper, soft tip bristles that clean but don't cut or irritate, a nearly silent motor that's IPX7 waterproof (i.e. it's safe for the shower), an aluminum handle with a detachable rubber upper and a two-minute internal brushing timer that starts when you do. Plus, when you put it down and close the door, the charging hub automatically becomes a nightlight — and a nice one at that.

Sure, it's more expensive than most — it costs four times Quip's $35 option, and $30 more than Oral-B's top model — but the up charge is worth it considering no one has made a model like this before. Surely other brands will follow suit if it works out, but they probably won't match Mode's aesthetic, which is incredibly modern, upmarket even.

Mode Toothbrush

mode toothbrush

Price: $165 ($150 with subscription)
Toothbrush, one head, charging dock and brush head cover


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