This Recovery Eye Gel Already Sold Out Once

Marine Layer Under Eye Recovery Gel from Port Products combats aging and sun damage by utilizing botanical extracts derived from the ocean.


Taking care of your skin is a must. With a sea of products out there it can often be overwhelming knowing what to try and what your routine needs. One essential item that can make all the difference is a top-notch under eye recovery gel. Luckily, a well-performing recovery eye gel is back after having sold out completely the last time it was available.

The Marine Layer Under Eye Recovery Gel ($40) from Port Products utilizes potent botanical extracts derived from the ocean to combat signs of aging. It’s developed with red algae, kelp and other micro-algae that help reduce the appearance of dark circles and under eye bags. It also contains wakame, barley seed extract and Irish moss to brighten your skin while helping to restore elasticity, firmness and smoothness.

The damage done by stress, sun exposure, poor sleep habits or one too many drinks isn’t something you should have to suffer. This lightweight, fast-absorbing gel works wonders both in the moment and in the long run. It’s even clinically proven to help decrease the intensity of dark circles, reduce puffiness and brighten the eye contour when used twice daily for at least 28 days.

This run of the Marine Layer Under Eye Recovery Gel isn’t going to last forever, so be sure to get some while you can.

Use code GEARPATROL for $20 off your first order (offer ends 11/30/2018).

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