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The 5 Best Moisturizers for Normal Skin

The best moisturizers for normal skin effectively preserve moisture. These, from Dr.

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How do you preserve perfection? It’s not an embellishment to say that “normal” skin is perfect. After all, it’s the middle ground between oily and dry, a smooth surface void of blemishes and rough patches. We’re all working to achieve normalcy with our skincare regimens, while some lucky blokes just experience it on the regular.

That idyllic balance is easily thrown, however. Just because you have normal skin doesn’t mean that it’ll stay that way. You need to preserve that perfection proactively, less it teeters into dry, rough terrain or glossy, oily territory. At the heart of your regimen is a moisturizer that honors this balancing act. It’s lightweight but nutrient-dense, and it’s fast absorbing but long-lasting. Here are five of the best; they’ll keep your skin perfectly stable, while the rest of us fight tooth and nail to get our skin exactly where yours is.

Youth to the People Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream

Youth to the People’s lightweight hydrator uses hyaluronic acid to strengthen and preserve your skin’s moisture barrier. The benefits continue with kale, alfalfa, and spinach, a superfood combo that firms and nourishes skin (because of vitamins C, E and K). Then, green tea serves a dose of toxin-blocking antioxidants, making your normal skin even more supernormal than everyone else’s.

Buy Now: $48

Ursa Major Force Field

Ursa Major’s SPF-packed morning moisturizer doesn’t just defend against the harmful UV rays. It also uses apple, rose, and poppy stem cells to block toxins, preserve the skin’s moisture barrier and slow signs of aging. There’s nothing average about it, since it goes above and beyond to preserve your not-so-average normal skin.

Buy Now: $54

Oil of Olay Lotion Moisturizer SPF 15 for Normal Skin

Your mother used this moisturizer, and all her mom friends probably did, too. That’s because they know best: It’s an oil-free formula with SPF, to shield your skin from the sun’s age-accelerating rays. It hydrates with vitamins E, B3 and C, and is lightweight and non-greasy, unlike many other sun-blocking hydrators.

Buy Now: $10.99

Anthony All-Purpose Facial Moisturizer

Your well-balanced skin needs a well-rounded moisturizer, and Anthony’s hydrator hits the bullseye. It’s targeted at all skin types, since they all desire the harmony yours has: Sugarcane and citrus extracts helps dissolve dead skin and smooth signs of aging; wheat protein firms the skin; panthenol preserves the moisture barrier; and vitamins A, C and E strengthen and fuel cells.

Buy Now: $30

Dr. Barbara Sturm Face Cream

As with the rest of her products, Dr. Barbara Sturm has packed her face cream with molecular magic, making it one of the finest creams on the market. It’s filled with antioxidants, squalene, purslane and skullcap to preserve the skin’s moisture levels, block toxins and reduce redness. It’s lightweight but as potent as a heavy night cream: Apply it before bed for a full 24 hours of firmness and protection, so that you look noticeably fresher—and younger—when you wake. Or, apply it in the morning for an instant, all-day lift.

Buy Now: $215

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