The Last Razor You’ll Ever Buy

The HYBRID Razor from OneBlade offers a superior shave with a single edge razor that is guaranteed for life and comes in a handy travel set.


It’s rare for a man to only use one razor for every shaving need in his life. But with OneBlade’s lifetime guarantee on its HYBRID Razor, it’s a done deal.

The HYBRID is built with military-grade materials and boasts an ultra-sleek design. The polymer handle is made of engineering-grade Tritan and the pivoting stainless steel head adapts to the curvature of your face to always get the proper angle. The Feather Single Edge blade (which is recyclable and easy to replace) is made of high-carbon stainless steel and coated in platinum. Each blade is twice as thick as the average double edge safety razor blade. This translates to an ultra-sharp, yet smooth and comfortable blade that gives you a shave free of razor burn, ingrown hairs and nicks — a lifetime of that sounds pretty fantastic. Plus, it comes wrapped in a handcrafted waxed canvas bag with everything you need for the ultimate shave.

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