Travelon Toiletry Sheets

Travel sheets to the wind


We can deal with the TSA airport security shuffle but the frenzy to keep grooming items down to the correct but annoyingly small 3 ounces is all but intolerable. To cut back on some of that hassle, consider using the cool and amazingly convenient Travelon Toiletry Sheets ($5). Each small plastic travel pack holds 50 thin sheets of body wash, shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, laundry soap or shaving cream. Just pull out with dry hands, add water and voila! Mildly scented and biodegradable, these sheets might just be the answer to the leaky and cumbersome Ziploc bag full of travel-sized toiletries you’ve been carrying. Small enough to fit in your pocket, they also work well for camping trips and hikes. As much as we love these toiletry sheets, we’re still hoping for the breakfast, lunch and dinner versions and possibly the after-meal 15 year single malt scotch sheets.

Buy Now: $5

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