Colgate Wisp

On-The-Go Disposable Toothbrush


There are times in every man’s life when he needs the feeling of a freshly brushed mouth but finds himself without the aid of a toothbrush, toothpaste, or water. In the past, he might have tried to get by with mints or gum, but we all know how ineffective those alternatives are after slamming down a hearty meal like one of America’s Best Sandwiches?

If you’ve ever found yourself in this situation, the Colgate Wisp is your solution. This tiny, disposable brush packs an embedded bead that delivers all the breath-freshening power of toothpaste without water. Flip it over and use the handy toothpick to finish the job. Toss it when you’re through.

Throw a four-pack of Wisps (available in spearmint, peppermint, and cinnamon) into your bag or office drawer and you’ll never have to subject your coworkers or dates to the dreaded dragon-breath ever again. The Colgate Wisp is easy insurance.

Cost: $8.50 (4 packs of 4)

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