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The Best Razors for a Clean, Comfortable Shave

Shaving should be something you look forward to. Here are the best razors to help make it so.


If your skin isn’t picky about what kind of blade you use, then you’ve been blessed. That’s because there are a lot of guys whose skin demands a certain type of shave if any at all, less he wants to wallow in redness, irritation, ingrown bumps, and more.

It’s these kinds of conditions that make shaving miserable for some men. It feels like a gamble each time to try the task, no matter how well they prepare for it. But shaving should be a smooth process, and it should be a cathartic, soothing one, too. Perhaps if you’re here, you’re looking for a prescription of sorts — the right blade for your type of skin.

What to Know

Skin Type

Folks with dry or easily irritated skin need specialized razors. A regular razor will wreak havoc on sensitive skin. Razors with hydrating heads, gel coatings or weighted blades help reduce friction, resulting in a smoother shave with fewer hiccups and less of a headache afterward.

That being said, as much as a good razor will help you, proper technique can prevent irritation, too. “Shaving against the grain will get the closest shave, but is also the most irritating and can lead to ingrown hairs and inflammation if not done carefully,” our expert says. “Shaving with the grain won’t get quite as close of a shave but is far less irritating and much easier on your skin.”

Hair Type

Certain razors will work better for different hair types. Safety razors, for example, and especially Bevel’s, are gentler on coarse, curly hair and help prevent ingrown hairs. For folks with thin or wispy facial hair, just about any razor will do, but it’s important to pick one that works well for your skin type, too.

Types of Razors

Cartridge Razor

Cartridge razors come in two parts: the reusable body and the disposable razor head. Once worn, the head can be thrown away and a new one can be attached back onto the body.

Safety Razor

Safety razors are easier to use than regular razors, and, in fact, they’re what first helped men shave beyond barbershops. As for its construction, there’s a safety mechanism that locks in a disposable razor blade.

Our expert stresses that if you plan to invest in a good razor, consider switching to a single-blade safety razor: “They give you the most control as far as following the grain of your facial hair,” he says. “And they have a much more forgiving learning curve than a straight razor (although those can be great too if you are willing to put in some practice).”

Disposable Razor

Disposable razors come in one piece. They’re designed to be thrown away once the razor blades wear down.

Heated Razor

Warm skin is more susceptible to razor bumps and burn, but the experience of a hot shave feels far superior. You can try using a heated razor with a hydrating blade, like the one below.

Weighted Razor

Weighted razors do most of the work for you. You glide across the skin without applying any pressure because the weight of the razor lowers the blade to your skin on its own. These are best for long stretches of skin, like the legs, arms or back.

Straight Razor

A straight razor is by far the most dangerous way to shave your face at home, but it’s an art form if mastered. Straight razors are also more hygienic because there are no extra blade chambers, plastic heads or bumpers to collect shave foams or gels, dead skin and other debris.

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How We Tested
Evan Malachosky

I tested, along with freelance contributor Adam Hurly, the top razors from each of the aforementioned categories. We shaved at our normal cadence, shaved after growing a little more than stubble and touched up our facial hair designs.

Afterward, we reflected on our experiences and curated this list, which even covers razors for folks with sensitive skin.

Best Overall Razor
Leaf The Leaf Razor
Best Upgrade Razor
Supply The Single Edge 2.0
Best Affordable Razor
Harry's The Truman Razor
Best Safety Razor
Bevel Safety Razor
Now 20% off
Best Disposable Razor
Gilette Sensor2 Plus (52-Pack)
Now 15% off
Best Retro Razor
D.R. Harris Safety Razor
Best Heated Razor
Gilette Labs Deluxe Starter Heated Shave Kit
Now 13% off
Best Razor for Dry Skin
Schick Hydro Skin Comfort Dry Skin Razor
Now 46% off
Best Weighted Razor
Merkur Mk34c Double Edge Razor
Now 11% off
Best Cartridge Razor
King C. Gillette Neck Razor
Now 51% off
Best Four Blade Razor
Dollar Shave Club Starter Kit
Best Straight Razor
The Art of Shaving Black 5/8” Blade Round Straight Razor
Athena Club The Razor Kit
The Best Habits for a Safe, Smooth Shave
shave habits

Up your knowledge about blade replacement, cleaning, post-shave hygiene and storage.


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