Pointer Footwear Benson Boots

Namesake Aside...


Despite what your closet might be screaming, a man really cannot have too many boots and the Pointer Collection ‘Benson’ Boot ($200) is good enough reason to fit one more pair. The entire collection delivers a little extra flair, ratcheting up the footwear style-dial just a notch. Available in 4 colorways for the season, this mid-boot constructed from a mix of leather and suede turns heads like a pair of $400 stilettos without any unnecessary flair. Crisp white bottoms and stitching set against warm brown leather give a look that hints at summer boat shoe while maintaining the boot style. Pair them with your favorite jeans and you’re set. Now, you may think I have a bit of bias to this model due to our identical surnames, but don’t take my word name for it, peruse the entire collection.

Buy Now: ~$200

By Andy Benson

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