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L.L. Bean 100th Anniversary Maine Hunting Shoe

The boots that started it all

L.L. Bean

To celebrate the centennial anniversary of their iconic boot line, L.L. Bean recently introduced the Men’s 100th Anniversary Main Hunting Shoe ($140), a special 12-inch edition of the sturdy footwear that first made them famous.

Available only in limited quantities, the boot is an almost exact replica of the ones invented and worn by the man himself, Leon Leonwood (L.L. to you), back in 1912, complete with the classic red brick bottom not seen since their earliest of days. The upper portion is made up of premium, durable leather with minimal coating, while the solid rubber around the foot will keep your feet nice and dry while traipsing through the Maine woods hunting for prey. No inside lining, so wear thick socks if it’s going to be a cold one and, for those particular about your laces, you have two choices — classic rawhide or the newer, long-lasting taslan.

Check out a video highlighting the revival of the shoe after the break for your own Beanification.

Buy Now: $140

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