Mad Catz Rock Band Fender Stratocaster

The Real (Virtual) Axe


Rock Band and its main rival Guitar Hero are sort of a big deal, if you hadn’t heard already. For the most competitive faux rockers, the Mad Catz Fender Stratocaster is the ultimate Rock Band controller. Based on a legit Fender Strat body, it’s gotten the Dr. Frankenstein treatment, being reborn as the clear superior to any plastic wannabe instrument. The Mad Catz Stratocaster is perfect for living out your Rock Star fantasies, giving you the weight and feel of a real guitar, plus the heritage of Hendrix, Lennon, and Clapton.  The Mad Catz Fender Stratocaster is decked out with:


  • Premium Fret Buttons and Strum Bar
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Overdrive Stomp Box compatibility
  • Metal Tuning Keys and Bridge
  • Official Fender high-gloss polyester paint job
  • Compatible with Rock Band, Rock Band 2, The Beatles: Rock Band, Guitar Hero 4 & 5, DJ Hero, Band Hero

    We subjected the Mad Catz Fender Stratocaster to a Rock Band jam session recently and thoroughly enjoyed the more realistic experience. Plus, we didn’t feel like we were hunched over a ukulele, a big bonus after two hours playing. Do the same and your back, not to mention your Rock Band rep, will thank you.


    Editor’s Note: Go here for a video walk through of the Mad Catz Stratocaster.

    Cost: $300

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